This week, I had the privilege of hearing Rebecca Kai Dotlich speak about her picturebook, Bella and Bean. The book tells a story about two very different friends (and mice!).

Image Bella is a creative yet obsessive poet who is constantly writing, trying to find the perfect words for her poems. Bean, on the other hand is an adventurous and outdoorsy mouse who simply wants Bella is come explore with her! Bella is quite annoyed by her fellow mouse’s constant interruptions but as soon as Bella gives in she finds herself inspired by Bean’s adventures. In the end, the two mice compose the perfect friendship poem, solidifying their bond. 

After hearing Rebecca Dotlich talk, I could see so much of her in this story. She is witty and playful in speech and that is evident in the dialogue between Bella and Bean.  It was great to experience an author’s background and passion for a story. I would recommend this book for all ages, especially 1st-3rd grade. This story provides its readers with lessons of friendship and acceptance.


This is definitely a must read!


Anna Tobia

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