Amelia Bedelia


Amelia Bedelia is so excited for her first day at work. Although the Rogers cannot be there to talk her through her first day, Mrs. Rogers leaves Amelia Bedelia a list of chores for her to complete. With much optimism, Amelia Bedelia starts her work but quickly realizes that the Rogers do things a little differently than she is used to: the Rogers like to “dust the furniture, “dress the chicken”, and “change their towels”. This confuses Amelia Bedelia but she remembers that Mrs. Rogers told her to do exactly what the list said. Amelia Bedelia changes the Roger’s home with quirkiness and yummy pie; their house will never be the same.


This is a great book to read one-on-one between a parent (or teacher) and child. Children in first or second grade who are still working on mastering their reading skills would be the best audience. Amelia Bedelia shows her readers that it is okay to do things your own way. Being your own person allows people to love you for who you are; therefore, embrace your uniqueness.


Reviewed by: Nichole Forde



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