Giraffes Can’t Dance


ImageGerald is very good at reaching the highest leaves on the trees to eat and standing still; however, due to his wobbly legs and knobby knees, he is quite clumsy for a giraffe. Every time Gerald tries to skip, run, or jump, he ends up tripping over his own two feet and tumbling to the ground. All of the other animals know Gerald’s reputation of being a klutz, so when he shows up at the annual Jungle Dance and contemplates stepping out on the dance floor, the animals all laugh at Gerald. Very embarrassed, Gerald sulks away from the dance feeling very lonely. Suddenly a cricket appears and tells Gerald that “sometimes when you’re different you just need a different song.” The cricket then helps Gerald listen for his own rhythm and song in the wild and Gerald gradually starts to sway until he is dancing a most extraordinary dance. With his new sense of courage and confidence in his new dance moves, Gerald returns to the Jungle Dance and dazzles the other animals with his graceful movements. The animals cheer on giraffe and have to admit, Gerald the giraffe can dance. 

This is a great book to teach children that everyone is unique, and sometimes when we feel lonely and discouraged from not fitting in, we need to discover what is special about ourselves and share that with the world. Gerald overcomes his fears of dancing in public and the bullying from the other animals by finding out that he had to find his own way of dancing. This is truly a rich story to teach about embracing diversity and overcoming fears of being an outcast. 


-Megan Wongkamalasai


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