Who Lives in the Zoo? by Lisa Bonforte



“Who Lives in the Zoo?” first published in 1981 is an Oldie but Goodie! “A Golden Storytime Book” it uses a picture book format to teach young readers about all of the wonderful animals they might find on a trip to the zoo!

Chimpanzees appear to be puzzling through what to do with a tree branch, lion cubs lounge about on their mother, and an ostrich kicks up dirt as it is indeed very fast. One camel has one hump and two camels have two humps and a big hippopotamus takes a swim. Three sea lions play in a pond, a giraffe takes a yoga pose to take a sip, and big tigers use their stripes to hide in tall grass. There is even an itty bitty elephant who uses its small trunk to take a bath!









“Who Lives in a Zoo?” provides detailed illustrations of all of the zoo animals and their appropriate environments from the ice caps to the Sahara, with particularly well done shading work. The text is also separated in outlined boxes on every page with a good sized font and  only a few sentences on every page to provide for an easy but informative read for a younger child. A great choice for children interested in animals or one already gearing up for a trip to the zoo themselves. However, fair warning, if they  aren’t already going to the zoo, they probably will want to after this!


Review by: Bianca Novo

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