Otter and Odder


Otter and Odder is an adorable book about love written by James Howe and illustrated by Chris Raschka.  It tells the story of an Otter who is out looking for his lunch one day, when he comes across a beautiful fish named Gladys.  Instead of eating her, Otter immediately falls in love with Gladys, and Gladys returns his love.

All of the other otters talk about how odd Otter is, and how falling in love with a fish is not the correct way.  Gladys and Otter know that they love each other, despite what everyone else had to say.  However, Otter must eat fish to survive, and Gladys is afraid he will eat her friends and family.  Otter wishes he could not eat fish, but eating fish is the way of the otter.  In order to protect her loved ones, Gladys leaves Otter.

Otter, deeply heartbroken, visits his friend Beaver.  Beaver, who is known to be very wise, convinces Otter to change his diet to apples and tree bark.  This way, Otter and Gladys can still be together.  Gladys comes back to Otter, and despite the oddness of their relationship, they live happily ever after!

Otter and Odder is a tale of everlasting love and how we should never give up once we find that love.  It teaches us that despite all odds, love will always find a way.  It also teaches us that sometimes we have to make sacrifices for the people we love, but it’s worth it because we get to be with them.  With bright, colorful illustrations and an uplifting ending, this is a book that people of all ages (not just children!) will enjoy.

– Abbey Stephens

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