The Journey of the Noble Gnarble


The Journey of the Noble Gnarble is a fantastic, feel-good, beautifully illustrated book written by Daniel Errico and illustrated by Tiffany Turril.

It is about a small sea creature called a gnarble.  Gnarbles have small tails and weak fins, so they cannot swim very far or very high.  This gnarble, however, is convinced that he will swim to the surface of the ocean so he can see the sun.  As he sets off on his journey, all of the other gnarbles tell him it cannot be done.  Bigger fish may be able to swim to the surface of the ocean, but gnarbles simply cannot!  The gnarble doesn’t listen to them.  He knows that he can do it.

Along the way, the gnarble has to avoid much larger fish who want to eat him.  He narrowly escapes being eaten many times, and when he is finally about to reach the surface of the ocean, a very large creature called a plink silently swallows him!

The gnarble is very upset.  He cannot see the sun if he has been eaten by a plink!  He starts to think and decides that he must find a way out of the plink’s mouth.  He tickles the plink’s mouth with his tail, which makes the plink laugh and the gnarble is able to escape!

On the last page, the gnarble is seen flipping above the ocean surface and smiling at the sun, his journey finally over.


 The rhyming scheme and the nonsense, made-up words in this book is very reminiscent of Dr. Seuss.  Children will love laughing at the silly rhymes and looking at the bright, beautiful illustrations.  This book teaches a great lesson about never giving up on your dream, even when all odds are against you.  No one believed that the gnarble would be able to see the sun, but the gnarble simply didn’t listen.  Even when he was eaten by the plink and it seemed like he was doomed, the gnarble still didn’t give up.  In the end, he was finally able to achieve him dream!

This is a great read-aloud book that both children and adults will love!

– Abbey Stephens

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