I Heard Said the Bird




“I heard”, said the bird,  “that there’s a NEW ONE coming” to the farm, but who is the new one? The farm animals start to ask around to see which animal is having the new one, but all of the animals say that the new one is not theirs. Confused, the animals ask the bird questions. It is then that a young boy appears from the house. The animals ask him if there is a new one coming, and he says there is. The new one is a baby boy; the young boy is going to become an older brother.

This sweet story is perfect for very young children, specifically children under the age of four. It provides beautiful illustrations and short, simple, rhyming text that make it easy to understand and follow along. It is a story that young children will find very loving and soothing, but it is too easy of a read for children that are much older than the age of four.

This book is one that should be given to young children who are about to become an older sibling. It brings a feeling of love and excitement for a new addition to the family, and it will help the child become excited about their new baby brother or sister. This story also shows a sense of community and support, which can be seen through the animals’ collective excitement for the new one. As a result, this book would fit well in a preschool classroom, where children are starting to learn the importance of supporting and loving one another.

Review by Julia Hrobon



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