Author to Know: Beatrice Alemagna


BeatriceAlemagna(2)Beatrice Alemagna is an Italian-born author and illustrator living in France. Alemagna is known world-wide for her unique, eye-catching illustrations.  While many illustrators utilize drawing and painting, Alemagna takes multiple approaches to captivate children. Some of her well-known books, such as A Lion in Paris, contain collages ofBeatriceAlemagna pictures and drawings. Other Alemagna illustrations are comprised of newspaper clippings, material collages, and even images made of wool and yarn. Although her illustrations are vibrant and detailed, Alemagna creates works of art with intended imperfection, which only add to their eccentric charm.

Using various mediums and materials, Alemagna creates colorful, textured, quirky illustrations that children and adults cannot help but be enthralled by.

 Below, Alemagna describes the creative process that went into illustrating Bugs in the Garden.

Reviewed by Elisheva Gralnik

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