Click, Clack, Moo Cows That Type

Written By Doreen CroninPictures by Betsy Lewin

Written By Doreen Cronin
Pictures by Betsy Lewin

If you enjoy clever, laugh out loud humor and sassy, outspoken animals then this book  is for you. Farmer Brown is the proud owner of several cows, hens and even a few ducks until one day his cows go on strike. With the aid of a handy old typewriter, these well versed cows begin to make their demands. Of all things, Farmer Brown’s cows insist on a few electric blankets for the barn- or else. Needless to say, Farmer Brown is furious as he can no longer get milk or even eggs once the farm’s hens join the cause and go on strike. In response, Farmer Brown makes a few of his own demands and entrusts Duck to spread the word. In the end Farmer Brown only opens up a can of worms. Immediately Duck and his fellow birds draft a request for a diving board after the cows pass on the typewriter upon receipt of their much longed for electric blankets!

A Caldecott Honor book, Click Clack Moo is filled with bright, expressive watercolor illustrations to enjoy as you turn each page. In addition to the beautiful illustrations, children will enjoy the rhyming dispersed throughout as well as the “sound” of the farm animals typing. This book is great for children as young as three years old as well as children as old as 103!

Reviewd by Carmen Caruthers


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