Curious George Takes a Job


This story is about a young monkey named Curious George who goes out on an adventure to try to find the man with the yellow hat, the man who had brought him over here from Africa.  He manages to escape from the zoo and takes a fun bus ride through the bumbling city before hopping off the bus and hungrily finding his way inside an Italian restaurant.  He makes a mess of himself and is put to work by the chef of the restaurant.  The chef later asks him if he would like to be hired for a job by one of his friends.  The story continues and George goes through adventure after adventure, making mistakes and getting into trouble, until the man with the yellow hat eventually finds him and takes him home.

A cute story with bustling photos, young children are sure to find this an engaging book and will be labeling everything they know in the pictures, from zoo animals to motor vehicles.  It is a fun story to read because the child just doesn’t know what kind of mess Curious George is going to get into next, and how he is going to get himself out of his mess.

Reviewed by Julia Hrobon


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