Extra Yarn


Written by Mac Barnett; Illustrated by Jon Klassen



Annabelle lives in a cold, gray town. So, when she finds a magical box of colored yarn, things in the town start to change. First Annabelle knits herself and her dog a sweater. The yarn goes on though, and so she begins to knit sweaters for everyone else in the town–including her teacher, classmates, parents and doctor. Even after all that knitting, the colorful yarn continues, and so does Annabelle. She knits sweaters for pets and animals, mailboxes, birdhouses and even the buildings!


Word spreads of Annabelle and her sweaters and soon she has visitors from around the world. An archduke visits Annabelle to try to buy the magical yarn box, offering up to ten million dollars! But, Annabelle refuses, happy to be knitting and continuing to add color to the town. The archduke then steals Annabelle’s yarn instead. Will he be able to make sweaters as well? What will happen to the magical yarn?

Jon Klassen, illustrator of the 2013 Caldecott Award book, This is Not My Hat brings Mac Barnett’s colorful story to life in Extra Yarn, which was named one of the five Caldecott Honor Books of 2013. Annabelle literally brings color and life to the little town. Children ages 4 to 8 will love her curious story. They will learn from her generosity and use of color and will want to look back through each of Klassen’s illustrations, even after the story is finished. The specific and limited inclusions of color make this book all the more engaging and meaningful for its audience. Open up the book and dive into Annabelle’s colorful adventure!

For a preview of Annabelle’s adventure and Klassen’s illustrations, click on the link below for the book trailer:



Reviewed by Mary-Lloyd Heller


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