The Magic Hat


Written by Mem Fox, Illustrated by Tricia Tusa


The Magic Hat tells the story of an ordinary town that becomes extraordinary when a magic hat floats in one day.  The hat twirls through the air, landing on the heads of adults who are turned into the animals they resemble by the magic hat.  Just as things are really beginning to get wild in the town the magician shows up.  With a wave of his wand he returns the town to normal and takes back his magic hat.  The magic hat creates all the magic, after all, and a wizard can’t be without his magic.

The book is brought to life with bright colors and fun, cartoon-like illustrations which perfectly compliment the light-hearted, magical tale being told. The story is full of magic, dancing animals, and plain old fun. Kids will love the singsong quality of the story which is slightly reminiscent of a Dr. Seuss tale. While people of all ages will get a kick out of this book, 3-7 year olds will probably enjoy the rhyming style and the colorful illustrations the most. Kids and kids-at-heart will love reading this fun romp about a magic hat which has the power to turn plain old adults into their animal look-alikes.

If you enjoy this book, you should check out some other great picture books by Mem Fox like Possum Magic or Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge.

Reviewed by Rachel Brittain


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