Virginia Wolf


Written by Kyo Maclear and illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault

Virginia Wolf


Virginia Wolf  is a story about how far a little girl will go to make her sister feel better. Vanessa’s sister, Virginia, wakes up feeling “wolfish” mood. She howls, growls, and just acts very odd. Vanessa tries to do everything in her power to make her sister happy but her sister says an imaginary town called “Bloomsberry” is the only thing that could possibly make her happy again. She then decides to create “Bloomsberry” for her sister by painting exactly what her sister described on the walls of their room. The room isn’t the only thing that undergoes a transformation though. When Virginia wakes up shes picks up a brush and transform back into the little girl she was the day before.

This book is brought to life with the contrast between the dull, dark, and gloomy illustrations of Virginia and the bright, exciting, and happy colors of her sister, Vanessa. The transformation in Virginia’s mood is also represented with a whirlwind of colors when her sister creates her fantasy. Although the book was designed for children between the ages of 4-8, it is quite easy to relate to and really represents how anybody’s inner emotions and feelings can alter their appearance on the outside.  It is a fabulous resource for any parent or teacher of a child who is having a bad/off day!

*Loosely based off of Virginia Woolf and her painter sister, Virginia Bell.




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