It’s a Big World, Little Pig!


51-fiRJZ+xLWritten by Kristi Yamaguchi; Illustrated by Tim Bowers.

“Poppy was a pig who dreamed big.”

This first line in Yamaguchi and Bower’s sequel to “Dream Big, Little Pig” is the perfect introduction for Poppy. The book tells the story of Poppy, a little pig with big dreams who is afraid of exploring the big world on her own. With the support of her family and friends, Poppy sets off to Paris to compete in the World Games. When Poppy first arrives in Paris, she is afraid of the new city and all the unknown athletes around her. During her time at the World Games, Poppy befriends animals of all different nationalities, bravely overcoming her fears and learning about new cultures along the way.

This story is great for ages 4 and up. It encourages children to go outside their comfort levels and take a chance in unknown circumstances. The book also gives its readers a chance to learn about different countries and customs. The story showcases the differences in cultures but most importantly stresses the underlying similarities, in terms that would be relatable to young children.

Children would not only be able to identify with  the character of Poppy and learn from her, but also get a glimpse into cultures they most likely did not already know about

Reviewed by Emily Cobert


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