Sophie Peterman Tells the TRUTH



Written by Sarah Weeks, Illustrated by Rober Neubecker

Sophie Peterman wants to tell you the truth about babies.  First they are aliens, then they are pirates, and once they learn to walk…WATCH OUT!  They become monsters.  Sophie made the mistake of telling her parents that she wanted a brother or sister and now she wants to share what she learned with you.  Older siblings will certainly relate to Sophie’s frustrations about not being able to leave things lying around, shouldering blame, and having to put up with the stench of smelly diapers.  Although they might not admit it, however, big brothers or sisters will also identify with Sophie’s most important piece of advice: “…WATCH OUT.  You might actually start to LIKE him.”

Welcoming a new baby into the family is not easy for older siblings, especially if they (like Sophie) are several years older and know what is going on.  This story features bold, colorful, and child-like illustrations along with large text with varied fonts to emphasize important words and phrases. This book is a wonderful gift to older siblings who might be feeling frustrated after the addition of a younger sibling.  Parents, teachers, aunts and uncles can read this story with a young older sibling in their life and discuss how Sophie feels in the beginning, but also about how her feelings change over time.  Weeks does a wonderful job helping children to understand that the way they feel is normal, but the frustration will not last forever.  Sophie’s character does a wonderful job of sharing the ‘truth’ of what it is like to have a younger sibling: the bad, the ugly, and eventually (and most importantly), the good.

Reviewed by Emily Francis


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