America the Beautiful: Together We Stand


america-the-beautiful2Written by Katherine Lee Bates. Various illustrators.

“America the Beautiful: Together We Stand” is not your typical picture book.

On each page of the book, a line of “America the Beautiful” is paired with a quote by United States presidents and artwork from different illustrators on each page. Each illustration has its own style and medium that relates to the quote on the page. These illustrations represent the quote on the  page, some much more literally than others. Between the lyric, quotes, illustrations, and smaller drawings of American landmarks and symbols, each page contains a lot to take in simultaneously. However, all of the elements flow together to create an extremely cohesive–although nontraditional–book.

This book is the perfect educational resource for children. The book provides numerous great opportunities to teach children about American ideals and important individuals in American history. Additionally, the back of the book includes a guide to meaning behind all of the national landmarks and symbols that are represented throughout the book. The best part of the book is that readers will not feel as though they are reading an educational book because of the beauty and the flow of the book.

Reviewed by Emily Cobert


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