What If You Had Animal Teeth!?


Written by Sandra Markle, Illustrated by Howard McWilliam

If you could have any animal’s front teeth, whose would you choose? After reading this book you may want to give your answer a second thought.

What If You Had Animal Teeth?

This fun, imaginative, and wildly informative book takes you on a  journey where your front teeth have fallen out but instead of normal teeth pushing through, animal teeth grow in instead. This book features a wide range of animals. From beavers, naked mole rats, sharks, and elephants to vampire bats, narwhals, and Bengal tigers, readers will be surprised at every turn of the page. On the right pages of the book you are greeted with an actual photo of the animal displaying their teeth. On the left pages, you will find an outrageously humorous illustration of a child using the teeth of the featured animal. It is almost impossible to suppress a giggle after seeing a child with elephant tusks for teeth! The book ends with a sigh of relief when you learn that “people teeth” will replace the ones you lost.

Although readers will be entertained by the whimsical drawings of children with animal teeth, the book provides great information about why that animal has those teeth. A fun or interesting fact can be found in the fact bubbles that accompany each animal’s page. Markle’s book does not just provide information on animal’s teeth. Readers will also be able to learn more about their own teeth through the facts found at the end of the book.

Reviewed by Alexis Mayhall


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