Creepy Carrots!


Written by Aaron Reynolds, illustrated by Peter Brown

Something creepy has been happening to Jasper Rabbit ever since he started to eat the fat, crisp carrots in Crackenhopper Field. Jasper would return to the field all through out the day picking and eating as many carrots as he pleased, until they began to follow him. Jasper would see carrots in his bathroom, in his shed, and even in his room. He began to see creepy carrots everywhere! Although his parents tried to convince Jasper that there were no creepy carrots, he refused to believe otherwise. Jasper could not stand the creepiness any longer so he devised a plan to prevent the carrots from leaving the field.  He created a massive fence around the field and even built a moat around it just to be safe. Jasper’s plan had worked! The carrots could not escape and he no longer had the unsettling creepy feeling again. As for the carrots… their plan to be creepy had worked! They were safe in their field and Jasper would not return and eat them ever again.

As a Caldecott Honor, Creepy Carrots! will charm you with its originality and creepy illustrations.  The color contrasts throughout the story make it obvious for readers to spot those creepy, orange pops of color. The illustrations and funny colors make this book easy to enjoy and fun to read. Just remember not to upset the carrots because they may decide to be creepy.

Reviewed by Alexis Mayhall


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