Axe Cop, by Malachai Nicolle


“Axe Cop” is an adventure comic book.

There are many, many stories of Axe Cop. Axe Cop is an adult superhero that fights crime and kills bad guys. The stories are numbered 1-8, and then there are new comics on the Axe Cop website.

The first story was my favorite. Axe Cop was a regular police officer that picked up an axe that he was walking by. That is how he became Axe Cop. He met Flute Cop in his office, and Flute Cop signed up to be a member of his team. During an adventure hunting dinosaurs, Flute Cop became Dinosaur Soldier. Chapter 2 is even longer, and the rest of the stories are really great even though they don’t always make sense.

Teenagers would like this book, and even ten-year-olds that would understand. They would like when Axe Cop answers questions in the book. Malachai Nicolle, the author, started writing the stories when he was five years old with the help of his big brother, who was 29. The book is great because it is created by the mind of a boy who is now eight years old.

Reviewed by Danny Viteri


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