And the dish ran away with the spoon….


This story starts out with the traditional nursery rhyme “hey diddle diddle” but then at the end of the rhyme the dish and the spoon run away and don’t come back! The rest of the characters don’t know what to do because they can’t dishbigread the story again the next night without them.  So they head out on an adventure to find their lost friend. The travel into the stories of many other traditional storybook characters on an epic journey. Will they be able to save the day? What happens to dish and spoon?

Kids will enjoy seeing something they know and are comfortable with (nursery rhymes) as part of a new spin off story that is created here.  It will also keep kids entertained and happy as they explore a new take on the old story. They will also love seeing some of the storybook characters they know well in a new story. What happens when the big bad wolf meets that cat and the fiddle? Will Jack be Nimble be able to save the day? Kids will love seeing these stories interact and come together! The colors of the pictures and the details are amazing and beautiful. They are vivid and colors engulf every part of each page. . This book would be great for kids ages 3-5 who loves traditional stories and love to laugh. It would go great in a classroom or at home, as long as the child has had some exposure to other books so that they can appreciate the irony and interwoven story in this one. Such a great treat to have on your bookshelf for a fun read.


– Janie


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