Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots?


This is the story of a little girl who asks her mom many questions about princesses. She wants to know if princesses are like everyone else. She asks if princesses follow the same rules, and even have the same quirks and flaws as she does. Her mom assures her that they do. In the end when she wants to know if princesses are like her, her mom encourages her to look inside and see that she is just who she is and that’s a princess.


In a world where little girls always want to be princesses and always want to be perfect, this book is a great lesson about individuality and embracing your flaws. It teaches little girls that they do not have to be perfect. They can have bad days, and they can make mistakes and be angry just like the girl in the book. It shows them that princesses are those who are true to themselves. It challenges the stereotype of princess that is so ingrained in the lives of young girls. This message is timeless for little kids, and coupled with the fun, sketched pictures and the easy rhymes, this is a great read for little ladies.  Parents and teachers could help little girls gain more from this book by discussing what makes the children unique themselves and emphasized how the girls do not have to be perfect or princesses. So buy this book for the unique little lady in your life.

Reviewed by Janie


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  1. Thanks Janie with Neely’s News for the sweet review of BOOTS, as I fondly call it. I think the meaning of the story is becoming more and more important for little girls as media images become more and more unavoidable. Princess On! 🙂

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