Uncle Bobby’s Wedding by Sarah S. Brannen


“Bobby is my special uncle. I don’t want him to get married.

 ImageChloe is a little guinea pig who has a wonderful relationship with her Uncle Bobby. Bobby and Chloe do everything together, until one day Bobby announces that he is getting married. Even though everybody else is really excited, Chloe is pouting. She thinks that Uncle Bobby won’t love her anymore once he gets married. But Uncle Bobby and his fiancée convince Chloe that she will ALWAYS be a special, important, unique part of their lives. Bobby asks Chloe to be their flower girl, and a reassured Chloe happily agrees.

            This beautifully illustrated story seems at first to be an obvious choice for any child going through a situation like Chloe’s, with a close relative getting married or having a child. However, this book has inspired as much controversy as it has comfort, because Uncle Bobby is marrying Jamie—another male guinea pig. The fact that the book features a nontraditional marriage upsets some parents, teachers, and literary associations. While it is important to keep in mind the religious, political, and social preferences of the children to whom you read this book, the story is a wonderful example of love that endures through transitions and cannot be replaced. 

ImageReviewed by Allison



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