Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs-by Judi Barrett, Ron Barrett (Illustrator)- Traditional Thursdays


The book was about a city called chew and swallow. where food was falling out of the sky. The sky rained breakfast, lunch, and dinner. everyday was different and after it happened the cleanup crew to come and clean it all up. and the fed the leftovers to the cats and the dogs. and then one day a big pancake went on top of the school and people couldn’t get it off so they had to close the school. and meatballs destroyed the houses pretty good. and the clean up crew couldn’t do their job anymore because the job was too hard and to big to do. so one day people started building boats to find another place to live. and so they did and the people built their houses out of bread. and the city of chew and swallow never came back again. it was gone forever. and the kids went back to school.

by : Haley Kellar

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