Series Saturday: Llama Llama Red Pajama


llama llama red pajamaEvery child knows that crippling feeling when the lights go off and they are left stranded in their room.  Bedtime.  Anna Dewdney, author and illustrator of Llama Llama Red Pajama, writes a story that makes bedtime just a little easier.  All is well with Baby Llama as his mama tucks him in until she leaves him and heads downstairs to do grownup things.  He first calls down to her quietly, asking her to come up.  After ages have passed, he is certain that she has forgotten about him.  He moans, cries, stomps, and eventually wails to mama.  Will mama come upstairs and rescue Baby Llama from the danger of the dark?

As I read this story, Baby Llama’s reactions hit close to home.  I remember sitting in the dark, calling out quietly at first, and then getting louder and louder.  Minutes turn into days and you are convinced that everyone in the house has forgotten about you.  Dewdney’s characterizations of these lovable llamas bring you right back to bedtime memories, whether you are the one falling asleep, or the one running up the stairs after screams.  This hit book from the Llama Llama is popular among the younger crowd, roughly from 3-5 years.  Reader alert: this book may want to make you crawl into bed!

Reviewed by Sarah Wheatley


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