Tuesday by David Wiesner



For “Free Choice Friday,” I knew immediately which book I would choose. Tuesday, written and illustrated by David Wiesner, is an almost-all wordless picture book, and it remains to this day a joy to reread and re-explore. It won the 1993 Caldecott winner for its outstanding illustrations, done completely in watercolor paintings. Essentially, Tuesday depicts what absurdity ensues when a pack of frogs mysteriously begin to float. These frogs are given such personality; they freely discover the world as  a child would with wide open eyes and a sense of fearlessness. This book sparks the imagination in a way that not many other stories can. The secret is in its lack of narrating text. Children follow these goofy frogs’ adventure throughout the night in whichever way they interpret the story. The reader follows the colorful pictures, and the reader is able to make it his or her own. Young ones love this book because it fosters their intrigue for books and fantastical adventures without tough, long words and tricky sentences discouraging them. Wiesner put a lot of thought, time, and planning into this story to ensure that he was able to engage his audience in an imaginative, yet so realistic, enchantment.  His beautifully done pictures are able to grab hold of the reader and more importantly, make you laugh. I suggest this story to all readers: toddlers and preschoolers can understand and enjoy this book as much as a 4th grader or adult can just looking back at an old favorite. If you want to discover just how much excitement and thrill some goofy frogs can experience when their lillypads fly through the air, check out Tuesday today!




Reviewed by: Lauren McMillen


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