Sentimental Sunday: Officer Buckle and Gloria


200px-CM_gloriaThe idea that we all need others to lean on, other people who can make us better versions of ourselves, can be  difficult for young children to understand. In Peggy Rathmann’s Officer Buckle and Gloria, (published in 1995) this topic is addressed in a fashion both understandable and entertaining for young readers.

Officer Buckle and Gloria explores the life and work of Officer Buckle, an officer assigned to the task of conducting seminars on safety in schools in his community. Unfortunately, Officer Buckle’s safety speeches tend to put his listeners to sleep. No one seems to care about safety! That is, until the officer is assigned a police dog named Gloria to take along on his trips. The children love Officer Buckles safety talks now! The team’s speeches are actually in high demand among the students that listen to them.

How will this unlikely pair fare in the harsh world of work and partnerships without becoming jealous of one another? Can they bring the children as much joy with their speeches on their own?

I would recommend Officer Buckle and Gloria to readers 4-8 years.

Reviewed by Charlotte Showalter


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  1. I love that you’re doing “Sentimental Sunday”s. It’s not good to have sentimental books all the time, but they have such an important place in kids’ emotional development. Thanks for taking the time to find the good ones for us!

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