The Paper Bag Princess


the paper bag princess

Happy Marvelous (Picture Book) Monday! Today, I chose to review the wonderful The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch, illustrated by Michael Martchenko. This story focuses on Princess Elizabeth, who is about to be married to Prince Ronald, who she believes is the man of her dreams. Then, tragedy strikes — a dragon attacks her castle, burns up all her clothes, and carries off her prince! Elizabeth is left with nothing but a paper bag and a half-melted crown to wear on her journey to save her prince from the dragon. The cunning Elizabeth finds a way to outsmart the dragon, saving Prince Ronald and discovering her true self in the process. The words are accompanied by beautiful, simple illustrations that complement the story wonderfully. As I first looked through the book and “read” just the pictures, I read a wonderful story about a princess defeating a dragon and skipping off into the sunset happily alone. When I read the actual words, the pictures perfectly moved the story along.
With beautiful pictures, a lovable heroine, and a memorable final line, The Paper Bag Princess is a must-read for children of all ages. Girls will love the empowered Elizabeth and boys will love the way Elizabeth goes about defeating the dragon. Children of all ages, including myself, will cherish the illustrations long past childhood.

Reviewed by Sammie Schmidt

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