Traditional Tuesday: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie


When I think about the books quintessential to my childhood, the first that comes to mind is Laura Numeroff’s If You Give a Mouse a Cookie illustrated by Felicia Bond. I found this book in Barnes & Noble recently and couldn’t stop from smiling as I read each page! This story is simple, funny, understandable, and subtly teaches children that all actions are followed by consequences, good or bad. The actions throughout the book are somewhat ridiculous, for example what mouse sweeps a house because he wanted a glass of milk, but it shows sequencing of events and friendship between people and animals. Felicia Bond’s illustrations provide perfect representations of each action displayed and allow children to easily follow along with the story. The mouse both in his actions and in his illustrated character is lovable, adorable, and the story is enjoyable for both children and adults. Finally, the story ends perfectly as it comes full circle and the mouse asks for another cookie.


Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond have a number of other books with similar story lines. Some of these include If You Give a Pig a Party and If You Give a Moose a Muffin, while others follow the mouse in stories such as If You Take a Mouse to School and The Best Mouse Cookie. These children’s books are all cute, clever and funny for children and adults!


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