Inside Out and Back Again: Winner Wednesdays

Inside Out and Back Again: Winner Wednesdays

This National Book Award winner written by Thanhha Lai is about a family moving from Vietnam to the US because their country got destroyed by the Vietnam War. The children had to pack up and leave and come to the United States. In the boat to America, the family had to sleep on mats together. The sister had to sleep by one of her brothers and he didn’t smell very good. When they got to Alabama they had to learn to live in a very new culture.

This book was amazing. I would totally recommend this book to anyone. What made it different is that it was a story in poems. I though the author did a great job writing the book. I would give this book 5 stars.


Haley Kellar


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  1. We’ve been on the same wavelength the last couple of weeks! I’ve reviewed both this book and Paper Bag Princess over on my blog. I love Inside Out and Back Again. I think novels in verse are just on the edge of being overdone, but Lai brings fresh perspective and subject matter to the genre.

  2. In reading Inside Out and Back Again, by Thannha Lai I was moved by the power of the persistence of mind and spirit,not only in this child Thannha as a young child, but of her mother who braved bringing Thannha and her three brothers to America, fairly sure she would never see their father again. This story is about true sacrifice. It reminds me to thank those who protect us and protect freedom.
    It’s particularly touching to see how war and hate will never make us better people, a better community. Instead, embracing differences and communication, acceptance, and education are huge and important keys for us to be able to move on past the unproductive sea of differences, of misunderstandings of country and culture, and embracing what out Constitution and our form of government have allowed and encouraged. It is that which gives hope to people searching for peace. I hope that books and technology will continue to bridge gaps of peoples, cultures, and understanding in a world where hate and disdain should be pushed aside and continue to make way for positive change the world over. Let’s read!

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