Leonardo the Terrible Monster


ImageHave you ever just found that no matter how hard you try, you just aren’t good at something? Well, you’re not alone. Leonardo feels the same. In Mo Willem’s book, Leonardo the Terrible Monster, readers connect with a little monster that just can’t seem to scare anyone. Children will smile as Leonardo is compared to his other monster friends. Whether it’s his lack of teeth, his height, or his personality, it seems like Leonardo just can’t measure up.

So Leonardo sets out to find a the wimpiest kid out there with his mind set on scaring “the tuna salad” out of him.Poor little Sam didn’t see it coming. So Leonardo sneaks up on Sam, scares him, and leaves Sam in tears. But Sam is quick to tell Leonardo that he isn’t scared. It turns out that Sam is just having a bad day. And Leonardo makes a good decision. Leonardo figures out that it’s okay if he isn’t a very good monster, because he can still be a pretty good friend.

This book is a cute story that is easy for children and adults of all ages to enjoy and connect with. It’s okay if you aren’t good at the same thing everyone else is, you can still find something special to do. I enjoyed this book immensely due to the combination of humor and a valuable lesson for all.

Reviewed by Hannah Woodward


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