Trendy Tuesday: Grumpy Goat


“Stop and smell the flowers.”  It may seem like a goofy or childish saying, but it’s so true.  Even now, as busy college students consumed with work and everything else, it is easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed, grumpy and sluggish.  We are not the only ones who may feel this way at times: elders and even children too.  Similarly, Brett Helquist touches on the case of grumpiness in his book, Grumpy Goat.

The book starts out with a grumpy goat pushing everyone around him away with his scary and bad attitude. Later you read and see what has the power to have such a large impact on the goat to be able to finally let the farm animals around him in. Helquist writes, “See how stopping to smell the flowers really can change everything.”  I think this is a very powerful line because it sums up the meaning of the whgrumpygoatole book. Once the goat found something he loved, he was able to stop being mean and let the other animals around him in. The book put off an important message that once you “stop to smell the flowers” you can get more out of it than you thought. The goat was able to get new friends that stayed with him through hard times and was also there to enjoy the good days at the farm. I think this story is something that anyone can relate to, and can make you think back and see what little things have brought good memories back to you or have given you the power to see things differently.  And maybe then you won’t have as many grumpy days.  So go out and enjoy this Tuesday: whether it being curling up inside with a book hiding from the rain, splashing in puddles, or dancing in the rain.  Enjoy life— it’s too short to be grumpy all the time!

-Brooks Weber


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