The Trouble with Cauliflower by Jane Sutton


The Trouble with Cauliflower, by Jane Sutton, centers on Mortimer and his belief that he has a day of bad luck anytime he eats cauliflower.  One day, his friend, Sadie, makes him dinner.  He eats four helpings of cauliflower stew, and the next day is a disaster! He burns his breakfast, and even worse, fails his driving test.  He won’t be able to get the car of his dreams: a purple sports car with green wheels.  Sadie comes up with a plan to prove to Mortimer that cauliflower doesn’t really give him bad luck and that it’s all in his head.  She tricks Mortimer into eating a surprise vegetable casserole. The next day, he has the best day ever.  He goes to the Summer Fun Fair and even wins a free pizza!  Over pizza that night, Sadie reveals that she tricked Mortimer.  Even though he ate the cauliflower that was in her surprise vegetable casserole, he still managed to have a great day.  Stay tuned: does it rain every time Mortimer drinks lemonade?

This book is very fun, and helps children explore incorrect explanations for events.  Sometimes, it  may be able to spot someone else falsely connecting two unrelated occurrences. The illustrations, done by Jim Harris, are fantastic.  They are very realistic and detailed.  The mouse hiding in each picture adds another reason to pour over the pictures.

Reviewed by Emily Kreid


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