The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes!


The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes by Anne Mazer is one of my favorite book series of all time! I read the first 15 books when I was ten years old, coincidentally, the same age as the protagonist Abby. Since then, there have been five more books written. The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes is a relatable, clever and realistic series about a young girl who journals about her daily experiences as a ten year old girl living in a family with two older sisters and a younger brother, all of whom she feels are superior to her in some way. I remember reading through this series quicker than I’ve read through any series, because I always wanted to know what was happening to Abby Hayes in her amazing days. About a week ago, I searched for the series at Barnes & Noble and couldn’t find it, but fortunately, my parents were able to bring a few of the books down when they visited this weekend.


When I read about Abby at the age of ten, I felt as though I had a true friend. The struggles she faces in the fifteen books I read are some that I could easily relate to, for even if I don’t have a younger brother and I never tried to buy roller blades, I do know the feeling of not knowing where you belong within your family or a group of friends, not knowing what your talent or defining characteristic is, and even the desire to earn something for yourself. These are all themes present throughout the book series that most pre-teens can relate to.


Re-reading the first book reminded me of how personal the book feels, for it is written in two styles that alternate. Part of the book is written in the third person with black ink, while the other part of the book is written from Abby’s perspective in a purple font that is more similar to a pre-teen’s handwriting. The latter is taken from Abby’s journal as she writes about the issues she’s facing, what she is thinking, and how she is feeling. I related to Abby, as I believe most children around the age of ten would. Abby and I were happy together, sad together, and angry together. I definitely recommend this series for children around this age who enjoy journaling and reading realistic fiction.


Post by Sarah D’Amico


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