Trendy Tuesday: Flo and Wendell


Calling all dog lovers; this book is for you!  William Wegman, famous for his work with Weimaraner dogs on Sesame Street, has just released a new children’s book!  Flo and Wendell tells the simple story of Flo and her family, including her little brother Wendell.  Flo is the perfect daughter: sophisticated, neat, and great at making beautiful cupcakes.  Wendell is the exact opposite and is generally unpredictable.  Although they are polar opposites, somehow they make it all work in the end.

Perhaps I’m biased because I have an adorable Weimaraner like Wendell or because the book tells the story of my relationship with my own little brother, but this book is a must have.  Wegman is a true artist.  He begins with posing Weimaraner puppies in photo shoots.  After printing the pictures, he then paints over their bodies to turn them into whimsical humans.  The art in this book will appeal to readers of all ages…who doesn’t like images of dogs knitting in dresses?  The artwork speaks for itself, but the text adds just enough to carry the plot along.  Whether you’re a Flo or a Wendell, you should head to the bookstore today and invest in this book of innovative art!

To watch a short video about how Wegman produced these pieces, visit his website at

Reviewed by Sarah Wheatley


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