Winner’s Wednesdays: This is Not My Hat


ImageHappy Winner’s Wednesdays! Today, I chose to review the fabulous This is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen. This book, the winner of the 2013 Caldecott award, was an easy choice to review with the hot debate about this year’s Caldecott recipient.

This is Not My Hat focuses on a little fish who has stolen a hat from a bigger fish, even though he knows it is bad. He is confident he will get away with this crime, but will he?This book is so wonderful, with subtle humor and a level of mischief that children of all ages will love. The story also teaches a not-so-subtle lesson on right and wrong, with a mysterious, ambiguous ending that children will wonder about through many readings of this book.

Jon Klassen’s beautiful illustrations are wittier than any I have seen in recent memory. The little fish narrator tells his story, but the illustrations tell a completely different one, showing that everything is not what it seems for the devious little fish.

This book is humorous, clever, and mischievous — perfect for a child of any age! Parents will love reading this book to children and talking about the many different endings that could have occurred. This winning picture book comes highly, highly recommended!


Reviewed by Sammie Schmidt

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