Art & Max


imagesThis delightful picture book is written and illustrated by the beloved David Wiesner, author and illustrator of classics such as Tuesday, The Three Pigs, and many more. He is known for his realistic and detailed pictures, which are accompanied by interesting and quirky storylines. In fact, Wiesner has won three Caldecott medals, an award that recognizes the most outstanding American picture book each year.

This tale is about two iguanas, Art and Max. Art is established as a good artist, and Max wants to prove that he’s good too, even though he’s just a beginner. Of course, complications ensue when Max tries to one-up Art and prove that he’s better. There are many complications, but likely Art and Max are able to solve the problem. The story line plays with the idea of line and color within the lives of the iguanas, and many optical illustions are presented throughout the story. Consequently, the artwork in this book tells the main story, and the text is almost auxiliary. Children will love the extreme detail and bright colors occurring in the illustrations.

Reviewed by Emily Kreid

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