Where the Wild Things Are, by Maurice Sendak


This well-known book is about a boy named Max who wears his wolf outfit and causes a lot of trouble around his house. He is sent to his room, and it turns into a big jungle. He had his own private boat and ran into some monsters–the Wild Things, with their terrible eyes, claws and teeth. Max becomes the king of the Wild Things, but he becomes very lonely. He decides that he wants to go somewhere where he is loved, even though the monsters want him to stay. He returns to his room which has returned to normal, where his mother has left him a warm dinner.

Sendak’s book won the Caldecott medal and many other awards as one of the best books ever published for children. It has been a favorite since it was published fifty years ago. The illustrations are beautiful and the story is fun and exciting for children and adults. Many children can relate to the story about wanting to go on adventures. At the same time, the book also shows us how wonderful it is to return to the comfort of home after adventures like Max’s.


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