Marvelous Monday: Rapunzel by Paul O. Zelinsky


Rapunzel is a well-known story, known best perhaps as told by the Brothers Grimm.  The original folk tale dates much further back than that however, and there are many versions of it, with slight variations between them. Paul Zelinsky picked his favorite elements from each of the older versions, and weaved these elements together to create an original piece of work. Combined with his exceptional illustrations, which won him a Caldecott Medal, this picture book is truly a fantastic oeuvre d’art in and of itself. Zelinsky’s work is proof that the world of picture books can be as complex and meaningful as history itself.

Zelinsky’s illustrations are a reflection of his own interpretation of the Italian Renaissance style of art. His depiction of the story in the Renaissance style he chose flows extremely well with the events and the scenery of the story itself. Each page is its own oil painting. Each layer of paint builds on another, and intricate details are woven into every square inch.

This story is a fantastic read, for lovers of fairy-tales, picture books, or simply art. I would recommend it to anyone, young or old!


Reviewed by: Celeste Jones

The sorceress climbs the tower by way of Rapunzel's famously long hair

The sorceress climbs the tower by way of Rapunzel’s famously long hair


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