Trendy Tuesdays: The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt, Illustrated by Oliver Jeffers



Duncan’s crayons are mad, and for good reason. Red never gets a day off, even for Christmas, and poor Grey has been coloring in elephants for far too long. No one knows what to call Beige, and Orange and Yellow can’t stop arguing about who gets to be the sun. After receiving a stack of hand written letters, one from each individual in his crayon box, Duncan realizes he must incorporate all of their talents equally into his artwork or face an uprising. Can he do it?

This book, written almost entirely from the point of view of the crayons, creates a wonderful dialogue from an unusual perspective. Opinions are expressed that would not normally be noticed, and the playful text sounds as though it comes straight from the mouth of a child. What you’ll notice first, however, are the delightful crayon illustrations, created by each disgruntled crayon as they explain the struggles associated with their job. The last page contains Duncan’s final composition, including everyone equally and letting them each shine through. Be prepared for a chaotic rainbow of images!

This book could be read to any age child; the bright images will appeal to the youngest of listeners and the sassy, complaining dialogue could certainly be appreciated by school age children.


Post by Bea Cameron

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