Trendy Tuesday: Wonder by R.J. Palacio


Have you ever read a book that touched your heart so deeply that you will never forget the impact of each character? A book that you simply could not stop finding favorite quotes from to keep in your reading journal? A book that you have no desire to put down even after the last word is read?

Wonder by R.J. Palacio had that effect on me,

In short, the book is about a boy named August, who has had a severe facial deformity since birth. He has never fit in with other kids, and he goes to public school for the first time. The story follows him as he takes in his surroundings, emphasizing the difficulty of adjusting to a new and not-so-friendly culture.  It also switches perspective from section to section, including his sister, best friends, and his sister’s boyfriend. Each shift gives the reader an alternate perspective on how August is adjusting, and the way the school is changing because of him. I will try not to spoil anything on here, but the ending is so heart-warming, as the reader gets to see the full effect August has on those around him.

I would recommend this read to just about anyone, but especially kids transitioning into a new environment, or who have ever felt out of place before (haven’t we all!). It’s a great read for adults as well.

WonderPost by: Celeste Jones


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