Free Friday: Revolting Rhymes


Take six of the most popular nursery rhymes, including Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Three Little Pigs, sprinkle in a bit of good- natured humor, and finish with a truckload of gruesome imagery and you will finish with Roald Dahl’s seminal classic, Revolting Rhymes. This hilarious collection is a great way to introduce children to the world of silliness that one can find in poetry. It seems common place these days to hear children complain about how boring and uninteresting poetry is, this book offers a rare look into the hilarious world of parodies. Cinderella’s ugly step sisters get their heads chopped off, Goldilocks gets eaten by little bear, and Little Red shoots the wolf down in Grannies house, what more could you want?

6Other than great pictures, you may ask, but the collection is perfectly illustrated by Quentin Blake in a style that melds rough edged sketches with vibrant coloring that furthers the child-like, silly style of the writing. In total, this collection of rhymes is sure to delight the young, as well as the young-at-heart with its familiar stories and foolish voice, Roald Dahl has truly outdone himself with this one.


Post by Charlotte Showalter

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  1. I watched the Revolting Nursery Rhymes of The Three Little Pigs on Youtube. It was fun and engaging, especially the part of the third little pig and his house of bricks, which was cute! Continuing on, the story changes and had a nice twist from the older version by adding Red Riding Hood in the picture, whereas Pig # 3 calls her on the phone asking her for help. She saunters over, pulls out a gun she has hiding in “her knickers”, and shoots the Big Bad Wolf dead! In this way she saves the day. Author Dahl goes on by adding some glam into it when the narrater tells that Red is around to be cautious, as she is carrying a pink leather “piggy” bag.
    Humor enriched at the end, the story gives hope, but I’m uncertain if appropriate for young 1st or 2nd grade minds…. I might use in an older classroom. It really leans toward adult humor.

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