The Boy Who Loved Words, by Roni Schotter


This is a juvenile fiction picture book about self-actualization, illustrated by Giselle Potter, from 2006, but seems timeless because of it’s unique style.  The boy in the story loves to find and write new words on pieces of paper, and eventually gets named by someone in the story as ” Wordsworth”.  He collects words and likes to be alone rather than getting involved with other kids.  They thinks he’s an oddball, but then earns his good reputation by becoming a wordsmith.  He hangs words on the tree where he hung his words, falls asleep, and a poet comes by in the moonlight searching for words for his poem.   Selig had  the right words and was finally valued and cherished!

He earns the respect of his friends, and he meets a girl who sings named Melody, and his parents are happy for him.  Selig is a treasure to his family and community, and even helps bring peace and shows people how to solve their differences. The illustrations are sort of European-looking and show cross-cultural references with bakery terms, and mentions France,  as well as words spoken with an accent.  I think it refers strongly to poetry, and to Wordsworth!

I am sure I will use this book in my coursework.



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