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A Ball For Daisy by Chris Raschka (May 10, 2011)

The first time I encountered this book was in Professor Neely’s Children’s Literature class when we were assessing various Caldecott Medal recipients. This book immediately caught my attention with its unique style of illustration, yet simple cover. When flipping through the pages I was a little confused as to why there were no words.

What is the point of this? I thought to myself.  I then began finding myself looking at the book from the beginning and watch what was happening before my eyes through the pictures. I found it both calming yet intriguing when being able to observe and follow the adventures of Daisy. While it doesn’t take a great deal of skill to “read” this story, it still allows for the reader’s participation in the imaginative sense. We get to create our own dialogue for the story while still acknowledging the emotion that is evoked through the illustrations.

Speaking of illustrations, A Ball For Daisy contains a great uniqueness in which it contains variations of water color techniques and experiments with elements of thickness and thinness. If you love Raschka’s illustrations just as much as I do, definitely check out his acceptance speech for the Caldecott award here:

I definitely recommend this marvelous picture book to readers of all ages!

-Angela Bacaling

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