Trendy Tuesday : Bedtime Without Arthur by Jessica Meserve


Bedtime Without Arthur is the perfect book for helping children overcome their fears of going to sleep at night. Bella is able to sleep only because all during the night her stuffed bear, Arthur, fends off all the monsters that come alive when she goes to sleep. However, when Bella learns Arthur is missing she is absolutely distraught, she simply cannot fall asleep without him. Eventually Bella discovers her younger brother Freddy has had Arthur all along. At first Bella is furious and immediately takes Arthur back, then she realizes Freddy might need Arthur more than she does and so she reconsiders her decision.

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 11.25.16 AMThis is a book many children can relate to, as many kids absolutely must have their stuffed animals to fall asleep. The depiction of Bella’s reaction when she could not find her stuffed animal was completely realistic. This book is a useful tool that not only helps children learn to be brave without their stuffed animals, but it also teaches them kindness towards others. When Bella decides her brother needs Arthur more than she does, she shows much empathy and compassion. I believe children struggle with learning to share to make others happy, this is an important lesson that the book illustrates very well. Bedtime Without Arthur can teach children that they can be brave at night without anyone protecting them. The dreamlike illustrations in this book enhanced the message of the story. During a bad dream the illustrator makes use of dark colors that create an air of mystery. During a good dream however the illustrations are full of bright colors making the dreams seem magical. Bedtime Without Arthur  is truly a trendy book that is enjoyable and meaningful for children and adults alike!

By Isabelle Despins

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