Series Saturday: The Chronicles of Narnia




It’s Series Saturday everyone! I though we could go with a classic this week, so I chose one of my favorite books by one of my favorite authors- C.S. Lewis! The Magician’s Nephew is the first book in the series, The Chronicles of Narnia that Lewis wrote, and was published in 1955. It was actually the 6th of the seven novels published for the series, but it is now seen as the first book because within its pages, the world of Narnia is born.

Polly and Digory are always up for an adventure, but they had no idea what sort of adventure they were getting themselves into when they found the magical rings. The two friends manage to find themselves in different worlds when they use the rings, One of these worlds is brand new, and the kids enter it just as life is being spoken into it. However, not all is well in this seemingly peaceful, new world.  Darkness has found its way in from the start, largely because of a little mistake the children made while playing with their magical rings in other worlds. The Magician’s Nephew follows the children as they venture through this new world in an attempt to right what has been made so very very wrong.

Narnia is born, and the possibilities are endless.

This is a fantastic book that could be read by children and adults alike. It is a fantasy book that is laden with symbolism, so it could be simply a fun read for children, or a book to study in greater depth. I would recommend this to middle school-aged kids and older

Post by: Celeste Jones

Magician's Nephew


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