Free Friday – The Curious Garden




In The Curious Garden by Peter Brown, a young boy discovers a small garden in his big, dreary city.  With some TLC and hard work, he helps the garden to grow.  However, this is no ordinary garden.  It is curious, longing to explore the big concrete city… and so it does.  The hard work of one young boy inspires and transforms an entire city.


Wow, I loved this book! From the encouraging story to the exquisite illustrations, this book is perfect.  As the city transforms into a lush garden, the pages become more and more lively, exploding with color (especially green).  Some pages contain panels of images, while other illustrations stretch across the entire spread.  There are even pages with no words at all, focusing on the artwork and the story it tells.  As if the beautiful illustrations aren’t reason enough to read this book, Brown’s paintings pair so perfectly with the sweet story he tells.  I think this book will be inspiring to many of its young readers, motivating them to take ownership of their environment and improve their community.  The beauty of the nature is emphasized here, teaching children the impact their behavior can have on the environment. 


This book is well worth the read! I recommend it for children ages three to eight.  However, I think it’s a story that would be enjoyable for any and all ages! 

– Sara Bunch 


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