Sentimental Sunday: My Heart Will Not Sit Down


Generosity: When people with little give all they can. In My Heart Will Not Sit Down, Mara Rockliff and Ann Tanksley tell a moving story through a picture book. This is based on a true instance about kindness and generosity, which started with one little girl.Front Cover

A young girl in the Cameroon village of Bulu hears about the Great Depression from her American teacher and that some children from his hometown of New York have nothing to eat. Therefore, her heart will not sit down until she raises money to help feed these children who live across the Great Salt River. She begs the people in her village for extra money to send to America, but they tell her that they do not have extra money. However, she still feels restless about the fact that others are living in such extreme poverty. While she does not always have enough to eat, they do not have anything to eat. Finally, members of her village bring money to her school to send to New York in order to help their fellow people during a time of struggle.

This heartwarming true story provides an incredible example of true generosity; although the girl and her village had next to nothing to spare, they gave up financial security to help others that had less than them. Since it is based on a true story, this can encourage students to share their goods as the Africans in poverty helped Americans in poverty. As an activity, students could research poverty developing countries and raise funds for a charity to help the people who they research.

By Rebecca Feronti


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