Trendy Tuesday: My Blue is Happy by Jessica Young


While reading, I unconsciously thought about the meaning of colors. For example: my blue is relaxing like the still waters of Lake Michigan on lazy summer nights. Or my yellow is excited like spring daisies growing in long

meadow grass. I think the idea of colors and the associations that accompany them would make for fun writing activities. How do you feel about colors? How can one connect colors with emotions and memories? Not only writing exercises, but also interactive discussion and narratives. Why does that color make you happy? Is there a story behind it’s meaning? More broadly, the book highlights the differences of individual’s thoughts. Children at young ages tend to think egocentrically, so having a book that illustrates different outlooks can help them to think in dimensions other than their own.

The cover image of the narrator eating a popsicle is inviting and welcoming to children and adults. Not only that, but also the semi-abstract illustrations perfectly demonstrate the meaning of the text. Colors do not have concrete meanings as Young has proved. As well, people think of colors differently because they trigger specific emotions, memories, or feelings. Consequently, the pictures have fluidity and are not tied down by harsh lines or restricting colors. In this way, Young is opening up different possibilties for seeing the world in wonderful and colorful new ways.

Lexie Fisher


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