Winner Wednesday: “So You Want to Be President?”


This week, for Winner Wednesday, I selected “So You Want to Be President?” written by Judith St. George and illustrated by David Small. With his fantastically accurate, yet hilariously cartoonish depictions, David Small took the Caldecott Medal for this book in 2001.

Through quippy anecdotes and interesting fun facts, children can really get a sense of the humanization of our presidents! Not only were the pictures phenomenal and so entertaining, but the text made everything worth while. I think this book really shows children what the presidents were like as actual people rather than powerful authority figures, which really helps give a more accurate and relatable insight into their presidencies. The text and illustrations go together so well, making this a grade-A Caldecott Medal Winner! I remembered reading this book in elementary school and was so glad to read it again for this post. I would definitely use this book in my classroom to teach students about our former presidents, because the information is valid and relevant, as well as presented in an engaging and accessible way. The unique portrayals of each president (be it looks, personality, background, etc.) really help get the message across that anyone can be President!

Suzannah Sitterle

Presidents Named William! president

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