Series Saturday: The Very Fairy Princess Follows Her Heart


The Very Fairy Princess Follows Her Heart by Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton, part of The Very Fairy Princess series.

Meet Gerry, the very fairy princess!  Although she may not be a crowned princess, she knows that she is a true princess at heart, and that is all that matters.  She spent weeks and weeks working on special valentines for each person in her class, even the boys that like to collect bugs, and keeps them in a special folder to bring to school on Valentine’s Day.  Except, when she gets to class that day, she realized that she brought the wrong folder to school, so she has nothing to give to the rest of her class! In the end, she decides to make each of her friends feel loved by telling them what makes each of them sparkle.

With the abundance of sparkles and the use of red, pink, and purple in the illustrations, any true girlie-girl will fall in love with this picture book!  Also many girls could relate to Gerry’s desire to impress all her classmates with her fabulous homemade cards.  The storyline of this book is also really sweet and could be used to bring up to children how they would solve a problem like Gerry encountered when she realized that her cards did not make it to school with her.  Also, Gerry can show young girls that they do not have to be a real princess in order to feel special. Overall, this book is sweet and humorous and would be a great choice to read to a young girl to get her in the Valentine’s Day spirit!



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  1. I was very excited to review The very fairy princess follows her heart by Julie Andrews. The pictures were very illustrated. This book shows children that it is okay to forget something sometimes and it shows that it’s not the end of the world if you forget to bring your folder or a valentine card. This book shows that if you have a desire for something then go do it. This book has a lot of courage from the princess because she realized she brought the wrong folder to class but then she thinks of something else to do for her friends.

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